With eyes firmly on the future, the company continuously invests into hardware enhancements, technological modernization and innovative solutions. The production process is based on high-output CNC machinery, characterized by short production times and the capacity to produce large batches of top-quality products with minimum waste. Short production times are made possible due to a constant supply of Fe, Fe-HV, ZN, AL and stainless steel sheet metal dimensions max. 3000x1500mm, thickness range 0.6mm to 4mm.

Our standard ventilation elements production programme is complemented by a broad array of services. Thanks to more than 35 years of experience in the production of metal elements, we provide reliable consultancy services to guide you through the design process, prototype development and selection of materials, all the way to production and packaging. Together, we will create the finished product in line with your every need and requirement. What we offer:

  • Special product planning, design and programming according to customer demands
  • Development and pilot production, batch production organization
  • Sheet metal punching and stamping
  • Sheet metal laser cutting
  • Sheet metal bending
  • Sheet metal roll bending
  • Laser welding (LBW) of thin sheet metal 0.5mm to 1mm – manual or automatic
  • TIG sheet metal welding – manual or automatic
  • Deep drawing
  • Broaching
  • Flanging
  • Stamping
  • Noise and condensation control
  • Sheet metal coating services: powder coating, zinc coating, bluing etc.
  • Packaging and labelling according to customer needs
  • Delivery to customer premises

PRIORITY MANUFACTURE: At Kosanc d.o.o., we are aware that in certain projects, quick production is vital for their successful execution. That is why we offer our customers priority manufacture services. Our machinery will continue to run through day and even night shifts, prioritizing operations to carry out the order. This way, we are able to guarantee extremely short production times between 1 and 14 days, taking into account product complexity and scope of order as well as any additional processing and treatment necessary.

MASS PRODUCTION: After manufacturing samples, carrying out the necessary adjustments and finally receiving customer approval, we are ready to begin mass producing. We carry out the development of programmes for every piece of machinery used in the process, produce the required tools, the undertake machining, coating, assembly, packaging, labelling before delivering the product to the agreed location. The ultimate aim of mass production is to guarantee the maximum, reliable and reproducible quality at minimum production costs proportional to batch size, including fast delivery. We are capable of delivering small- (5 pieces) to medium-sized batches (several thousand pieces annually).

PREARRANGED ANNUAL SUPPLY: According to preliminary agreement, we supply our customers with products on a regular basis at predetermined dates. For our most esteemed and reliable partners, we manufacture and stock the agreed product quantities at our own facilities. This makes possible same-day deliveries of products. This advance agreement on annual supply lowers the costs and increases the accuracy of planning, improves time use, lowers material costs and enables us to start production at the optimum time of month or year. As a result, we offer the lowest prices.