Kosanc d.o.o. is a family-operated business boasting an extensive tradition in the production of ventilation and air conditioning elements. The company evolved from Franc Kosanc, s.p., sole proprietorship, founded in 1980, its principal activity being the installation and repairs of ventilation systems. Through time, the company began focusing more and more on the production of ventilation elements. The know-how, experience, ceaselessly conforming to market requirements, innovation and process automation, together resulting in superior competitiveness, as well as including employees in the continuous improvement process and respect of agreements are the attributes augmenting the growth and development of the company.

The quality of company services was recognized in 1995 when Kosanc Franc s.p. received the MOS International Trade Fair Golden Award.

Following the penetration of foreign markets and the subsequent increase in production, Kosanc Franc s.p. in 2003 evolved into Kosanc d.o.o.

Today, Kosanc d.o.o. offers a wide range of air conditioning and ventilation products. Production constitutes over 90% of company activities, while the remaining portion is realized through installation and assembly services. In 2015, 60% of our products were exported. Mainly to EU Member States. We directly export our products into the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Croatia and Cyprus. While also indirectly exporting to the UK, Germany, France, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Portugal. Alongside manufacturing and installing of ventilation and air conditioning elements, we offer our customers access to a broad range of consultancy services as well as customized production.

The vision of Kosanc d.o.o. is based on loyal and satisfied customers, investments into technological innovations and the improvement of working conditions, prompt reactions to market demands and acquisition of new partners.

Our current programme is composed of the following activities:

1. PRODUCTION OF VENTILATION AND AIR CONDITIONING ELEMENTSfor domestic and foreign trading companies, businesses engaged in the construction and engineering industries as well as firms specialized in the installation of complex ventilation and air conditioning systems.

  • air distribution elements
  • air regulation elements
  • air filtration elements
  • noise control elements

2. PRODUCTION AND INSTALLATION OF HVAC SYSTEMS in commercial, industrial, medical, tourist facilities and individual buildings.

  • waste air extraction
  • intake of fresh clean air
  • heating and cooling
  • air filtration
  • humidity control